Application: Basics

Mixing Ratio = 2:1 (2 parts A : 1 part B)

Mixing Ratio by Weight (not  volume)


[1] Pour the desired amount you want (e.g. 1kg A + 500g B) into separate containers. 

[2] Ensure surrounding conditions are warm and humidity is low when working with the resin. Cold and damp conditions are not conducive to good curing. 

[3] It is recommended to keep Part A + Part B warm before use by placing them near a radiator or heater. This will help in the mixing and also help any bubbles to come to the surface so that they can easily be removed with a hot air gun/hairdryer. 

[4] Pour one container into the other.

[5] Stir thoroughly for at least 2 minutes (the colder the temperature, the longer the stirring).

[6] Pour the epoxy over or into desired application (always ensure that the surface or object you are pouring the epoxy into/over, is dry and clean, because this can affect curing and may also affect its clarity).

[7] You may allow the epoxy to settle on its own, or spread it around using a spatula (or a brush). 

[8]  If any air bubbles form, extinguish them with a hairdryer or a hot air gun. 

[9] Allow the epoxy to cure. 

The Curing Time

There is a direct relationship between the temperature and the curing time.


The following, give an estimate of the curing time, at specific temperatures.


@25oC = 6-9 hours

@40oC  = 3 hours

@60oC = 1.5 hours



*When the temperature is lower than 25 degrees, it would take longer than 9 hours.



How much epoxy will I need for a surface area?

This depends on the depth, thickness and length of the object or application you want to create/use. As a general rule, the following guideline gives some indication:


1kg of epoxy = 1m2 surface area = 1mm thickness of layer


MINIMUM RECOMMENDED THICKNESS FOR TABLES/FLOORING/SURFACES = 2mm. This will enable consistent and uniform coverage, a nice glossy cover, and allows the resin to self-level. 



Shelf Life: 6 months when stored in a cool and dry place under 25oC.

UV-Resistance:  Very High. This epoxy cures crystal clear, and does not yellow, unless subjected to extreme and persistent heat (desert like heat over months).

Colour:  Transparent Liquid (both A + B).

Working Time:  20 minutes (approximately).

Heat Resistance:  100oC.

Exotherm:  Resin will heat up while it cures. Very large batches of mixed resin in a pot will overheat (exotherm).  Never leave mixed resin unattended.